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When It Comes to Plumbing, Don’t Let Dad Be Macgyver


At some point, just about every handy dad probably fantasizes about handling home repair issues as Macgyver. Only a few seconds left to improvise an incredible solution to a seemingly impossible problem with only a hairpin and graham crackers or something equally ludicrous.

Despite the odds, Macgyver pulls out the solution to incredible acclaim. While, thankfully, most of us and our dads will never be in dire situations like Macgyver, sometimes, when faced with a problem around the house, dads can fashion some pretty epic solutions.

Well-intentioned as they may be, sometimes they just don’t pan out. When it comes to plumbing, sometimes it’s best to just leave it in the hands of the pros. Here are some common situations that might be better left to a pro plumber and not a DIY dad.

Dangerous Toilet Replacement

Certainly, pseudo-Macgyver would never need to get involved with something as simple as a toilet replacement, right? However, there are actually plenty of ways that a toilet replacement can go wrong and some of them aren’t even particularly obvious. Here are some common problems that a pro can keep from becoming a massive problem that a DIY dad might not even see coming.

  • personalinjuriesFlange Problems: There are a host of reasons why the flange could cause some serious problems. For instance, if renovations have been performed recently, the flange could be settled in a different spot, requiring different hardware. No matter how much we want to be Macgyver, no one wants to use a toilet with the incorrect hardware in the comfort of our own home.
  • Leak Issues: Anytime you have plumbing, you have the potential for leaks. Old toilets could have caused small leaks all around the floor surrounding the toilet, which could weaken the area, requiring possible minor floor fixes.
  • Dangerous Fumes: While dangerous fumes leaking into a confined space sounds exactly like a Macgyver situation, the sewer gasses encountered during a toilet replacement are hard to detect and can make a routine job much more dangerous.

Not All Problems Can Be Solved By Duct Tape

pipeducttapeIf asked DIY veterans and Macgyver alike about the items they’d like to have most in a pinch, duct tape would have to be pretty high on that list.

After all, a good roll of duct tape can solve a variety of problems without a whole lot of effort. That’s why it can seem like the obvious choice when facing a pipe leak to go ahead and break out the tape to solve the problem.

In Macgyver world, the day is saved (obviously, the problem would have to be a little more serious than a leaky pipe), the credits roll and all is well. However, in the real world, duct tape is only a very temporary solution to the issue and a pipe leak should be addressed by a plumber.

"Fixing" a Clogged Toilet Might Make It Worse

snakedrainingIt is far from unusual for a toilet to be clogged. Normally, just whipping out the trusty plunger and getting the job done will take care of the situation.

However, sometimes a clog needs more and the DIY dad may feel tempted to work with a drain snake to clean the drains. Not so fast!

The average hardware store snake won’t work on all pipes and, without experience, can actually cause more damage, including a serious leak.

While the fantasy of being the Macgyver that saves the day can sound fun, in reality, some jobs are best left to professional plumbers. If you find yourself needing a pro, call an expert at Marc Francis Plumbing at (423) 915-9260.