Sewer Line Repair & Installation In Johnson City, TN

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Your home’s sewer line plays a vital role in all of your daily functions. From flushing a toilet to cleaning dishes in the kitchen sink, you need your sewer line to remove wastewater from your home without skipping a beat. Unfortunately, every homeowner at some point will have to deal with sewer line issues and need professional repair or replacement services. At Marc Francis Plumbing we are your reliable Johnson City, TN, sewer line experts. From repairs to replacements and even ongoing maintenance, you can count on our expert staff of plumbers to keep your sewage flowing in the right direction.

Looking for more accurate results? Be sure to ask our plumbers about our sewer line camera inspections.

Signs You Have Sewer Line Issues

If you neglect drain line repairs, you may deal with extensive property damage further down the road as well as an increased risk for health problems. There are many signs that you may be experiencing sewer line complications. Some of these include:

  • Blockages & Backups - If you’re experiencing blockages or backups despite having your pipes cleaned routinely, there may be an underlying issue present. This can include issues like cracks, misaligned pipe connection, or tree roots.
  • Foul Odor - You should never be able to smell odors from your sewer system. If you begin to notice a foul gas smell, your sewer line may have a crack that is allowing smells to escape or there’s some blockage close to the drain in your home.
  • Slow Draining - When a sewer line is damaged, it can leave you stuck with a slow draining sink or shower. While these kinds of issues are commonly the result of individual pipes, there could be an underlying issue with your sewer line triggering these problems.
  • Gurgling Noises - If you’re noticing that whenever you turn on your faucet or flush your toilet, your appliances are making a gurgling sound, there could be an issue with your sewer line.

Some other common signs of sewer line damage are a flooded yard, the absence of water in toilets, and significantly more vibrant greenery where sewer lines are located. Anytime wastewater is escaping around your home, it’s a cause for concern.

How Are Sewer Line Repairs Done?

The first step to sewer line repair is always a diagnosis performed by a professional plumbing company. Factors such as other utility lines, the age of the house, and if the lines run through a neighboring property all need to be assessed before repairs are started.

We take a more traditional approach to sewer line repair. We begin by digging a trench in order to gain access to the sewer line and then proceed to make the necessary pipe repairs. This is a complex service that can take a few days to complete but is the most effective sewer line repair method.

A damaged sewer line is considered a plumbing emergency. At Marc Francis Plumbing, we always have staff on call ready to help you when you need it most!

Benefits of Sewer Line Replacement

When a sewer line is damaged beyond repair or it’s constantly in need of repairs, it’s time to invest in a sewer line replacement. The benefits of a brand new system heavily outweigh the installation costs and result in the priceless peace of mind you deserve in your home.

Our technicians always take the time to create specialized solutions that are effective and long-lasting! Our exceptional service is a matter of record with Home Advisor and our extensive experience makes us the knowledgeable technicians in the Johnson City, TN, area that you can trust!

Nothing is worse (or stinkier) than dealing with sewer pipe damages in the comfort of your own home. Call us at (423) 915-9260 and work with our expert sewer line repair and installation plumbers in Johnson City, TN, today!