Sewage Ejector Pump Services in Johnson City, TN

Experiencing sewage ejector pump malfunctions in the greater Johnson City, TN, area? At Marc Francis Plumbing, we provide effective, long lasting repair and installation services!

If you’re a homeowner, you’re probably familiar with how the sewer lines in your home remove waste. But have you ever considered how those sewer lines depend on gravity as well? If you have fixtures that are below your sewer main, you might need help removing that wastewater. Whether it’s a guest bathroom or a laundry room, sewage ejector pumps help keep wastewater out of your plumbing system, preventing contamination and plumbing damage. At Marc Francis Plumbing we can help with the installation and repair of these critical pumps, keeping your home plumbing safe and in good working order.

Dealing with other sewer line issues? Ask our staff how a sewer line video inspection can help our plumbers find the ideal repair solution.

What Are Sewage Ejector Pumps?

Sewage ejector pumps are located below ground and include a sump basin that collects waste from your home. The drain lines are sloped down to run into the basin and when the waste reaches a certain level, a float activates the pump, pushing the waste out of the sump basin and into the sewer line.

Unlike sump pumps that only work during emergencies, sewage ejector pumps become an essential part of your plumbing system, pushing out wastewater and keeping your fixtures and appliances working as they should.

Common Sewage Ejector Pump Issues

It’s no fun when sewage ejector pumps begin malfunctioning, which is why you should always call for professional sewer ejector pump repair services right away. If not taken care of properly, it can contaminate your home’s water supply leading to a more serious emergency situation. Some of the most common issues with sewage ejector pumps include:

  • Clogging - As with any plumbing system, clogging and blockages can occur in your sewage ejector pump. If this occurs, the wastewater can be forced back into your home causing significant water damage to your basement,
  • Age Deterioration - Most sewage ejector pumps have a life span of about 20 years so if your pump is approaching that age, it may be time to invest in our sewage ejector pump replacement services.
  • Malfunctioning Float Switches - Over time, the float switch can deteriorate and as a result stop working. When this happens, it can’t properly do its job of detecting rising levels of waste and if not caught quickly, can lead to overflow.

At Marc Francis Plumbing, we offer reliable sewage ejector pump installation services. Our plumbers offer same day services and work quickly to keep your plumbing system protected. An ejector pump can be the difference between a contaminated water supply and a properly working basement laundry room, so working with our plumbers is always the best solution for your home.

When you need us most, you can count on our staff for 24/7 emergency plumbing services.

Choosing the Right System for Your Tennessee Home

When choosing the right sewage ejector pump for your home, it is advised to consult with a professional sewage ejector pump installation service. At [company name], our knowledgeable technicians can give you the right information to guide you in your decision-making process. Sewage ejector pumps come in different sizes, tailored to meet your home’s specific needs.

No matter what issue you’re facing, sewage ejector pump installation is not to be a quick DIY job. When dealing with plumbing systems, it is always advised to consult with a licensed plumber in order to prevent any structural or costly damage to your property! Our 24-hour emergency service makes us the right choice when deciding on sewage ejector pumps in the greater Johnson City, TN, area.

Concerned about sewage ejector pump damages? No worries! At Marc Francis Plumbing, we provide our clients with the best repair and installation services in Johnson City, TN, that are both professionally done and long-lasting. Call us at (423) 915-9260 to get reliable help today!