Gas Line Repair & Installation in Johnson City, TN

Make your home safe again with top-rated gas line repair and installation services from Marc Francis Plumbing - your Tri-City plumbing pros.

There are few home issues as dangerous or as upsetting as a gas line leak. Unfortunately, many homeowners don't even realize they have a line leak until they're dealing with a dangerous situation. Even when they do notice a problem, they often don't know who to call. That's why it's helpful to know of a company that specializes in gas line repair and gas pipe replacement services. At Marc Francis Plumbing, we offer extensive gas line services to our customers in and around Johnson City, TN, and we work hard to provide professional service that will leave your home safe and reliable once again.

Gas line repair issues are considered emergencies. We offer 24-hour emergency plumbing services to all customers in the Tri-Cities area!

Signs You Have Damaged Gas Lines

It's a horrible feeling when you realize that you have serious gas line damage in need of repair. It's even worse when you don't realize you have the issue though! Fortunately, there are four very clear signs that you're in need of gas line repair.

  • A Strong Smell - One of the most common signs of a gas leak is a strong sulfur-like smell. Utility companies add chemicals to the gas to give it a deliberate smell, making it easier to detect.
  • Dying Vegetation - Plants don't survive long around a leaking gas pipe. Outside leaks are simple to spot if you notice dead grass or other vegetation near a pipe.
  • A Higher Gas Bill - Another obvious sign of a gas line leak is an increased gas bill. If your utility bill is rising fast and you aren't sure why you might have a leak that's unaccounted for.
  • Odd Appliance Behavior - If you have gas appliances watch to see if they're behaving out of the ordinary. Appliances that aren't functioning properly, or that are making strange noises are often indicators of a gas leak.

If you notice any of the above symptoms around one of your gas lines, call a gas line company for information immediately. At Marc Francis Plumbing we offer expert pipe replacement and gas pipe repair services to help restore your damaged home to working order.

Benefits of Professional Installations

Once you realize that you have gas pipe issues, it's important to make sure you get them resolved by a trained professional. At Marc Francis Plumbing, we have trained technicians complete every gas line installation and repair. By having a professional installation you can guarantee the work will be done carefully, safely, and that our company will stand behind any repairs made.

Professional installation or repair also helps maintain the warranties on gas appliances, while doing the work yourself could void those warranties in some instances. Additionally, getting expert gas line installation services offers you more flexibility in your home. Always wanted an outdoor firepit? Looking for an alternative source for heating your pool? New gas lines give you more control over your home needs.

Has your gas-powered water heater been on the fritz? Be sure to ask about our water heater replacement services and leverage your new gas lines for improved performance!

The Gas Line Repair Process

For each gas line repair, an individualized approach is taken to make sure the repair is performed properly. At Marc Francis Plumbing our repair experts will take the time to locate the gas leak, shut off the supply of gas to your home, and make a complete repair to the damaged line. During a gas pipe repair, the damaged section of pipe is cut away, and a special fitting is put in place to create a strong new joint that creates a gas-proof seal.

When we complete work in your home, you can trust that you’re getting the benefit of nearly a decade of experience in the Tri-Cities. Whether it’s a simple gas line repair or a complete gas line installation, our staff offers unbeatable care and quality.

Suffering from a gas leak issue in your home? Call (423) 915-9260 for help resolving the issue immediately. At Marc Francis Plumbing, we offer expert gas line repairs 24/7 in Tennessee.