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Fix Leaks Now or Pay The Price

Drip...drip...drip...drip...Hear that? It’s the sound of your money dripping away all day and night if you have a leak in your home. Whether it’s in the shower or in your kitchen plumbing, unless the incessant dripping is driving you crazy, you might be tempted to procrastinate about fixing the problem. It’s just a small leak,



Focus On Water For National Wellness Month

August is National Wellness Month, and a great time to focus on your individual well being. Whether you choose to focus on stress management, personal well being or eating healthy, August is the month to do so! If you don’t have an area in mind, however, water is a great place to start! There are



When It Comes to Plumbing, Don’t Let Dad Be Macgyver

At some point, just about every handy dad probably fantasizes about handling home repair issues as Macgyver. Only a few seconds left to improvise an incredible solution to a seemingly impossible problem with only a hairpin and graham crackers or something equally ludicrous. Despite the odds, Macgyver pulls out the solution to incredible acclaim. While,