Sewer Video Inspection Services in Johnson City, TN

Make your drain cleaning efforts more effective with sewer video inspection services from our plumbing pros at Marc Francis Plumbing.

No one enjoys the inevitable day in which their home experiences a nasty clog that just won’t subside. Whether it is a clogged toilet or garbage disposal no longer able to effectively do its job, our plumbing experts at Marc Francis Plumbing are here to assist! Drain cleaning without accuracy can be a challenge. When you want results with pinpoint accuracy, we have the solution for you. Using our sewer camera inspection services we can find the issue with your plumbing system, no matter the location, and provide you with a quality solution that takes care of your issue once and for all. With years of local expertise in the Tri-Cities, you can count on our staff for top-quality services.

Want to avoid major emergencies with your plumbing? Be sure to ask our staff how ongoing drain cleaning can help keep your sewer line issues at bay!

What Causes Sewer Line Clogs?

All of the plumbing fixtures in your home are connected to the main sewer line in order to work properly. Your toilets, shower drains, and sinks are no exception and require proper maintenance in order to do their job of removing waste from your home. One of the best ways to protect your home sewer lines from clogs and blockages is to know what causes them in the first place. Some of those most common causes for sewer line clogs include:

  • Severe Pipe Damage: When your sewer pipe experiences damage such as corrosion, leaks, or cracks, it’s easy for frequent backups in your sewage system to occur.
  • Tree Roots: The older your plumbing system, the weaker the pipes. When tree roots grow, they search for water sources anywhere they can find it, even if that means inside your sewer lines.
  • Grease: It is never acceptable to pour grease down a drain as it’s easy for blockages and clogs to occur.
  • Non-Flushable Items: If you’re ever wondering what can be flushed down the toilet and what can’t, remember that only human waste and toilet paper can be flushed without causing major structural damage to sewer pipes.

Avoiding throwing these items down the drain is the best way to keep sewer line issues at bay. In some instances, even with all your preventive measures, you’ll still be faced with a clogged line, and knowing how to solve it is key.

How Video Inspection Works

Years ago, plumbers used to have to make educated guesses as to what was causing blockages and other plumbing issues. Now, thanks to technology, our plumbers are able to see in real time what is causing clogs and therefore able to make better decisions on how to proceed with treatment.

The process involves a professionally trained expert inserting a long, flexible rod with a high-resolution video camera attached in order to take a peek into your sewer lines. The cameras are waterproof and able to travel through sewer lines to inspect pipes and determine what is causing issues.

This sewer line camera inspection method allows our plumbers to accurately locate any blockages or pipe damage, providing you with a highly effective and long-lasting plumbing solution for your home!

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There are many benefits to investing in sewer video inspection services, especially if you’re a homeowner who is frequently experiencing backups and other plumbing issues with your sewer line! Sewer line camera inspections provide real-time footage of exactly what’s going on in your pipes and are a great way to prevent future plumbing issues as well. At Marc Francis Plumbing we offer expert sewer line repair services, and can have your pipes flowing again in no time!

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