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Filtered Water Might Be the Key to a Perfect Pitcher of Lemonade


There’s nothing more refreshing on a hot summer day than a cold glass of fresh lemonade. Most of us have fond memories of lemonade as a child - whether it was from making our own lemonade stand, helping mom make a pitcher or enjoying grandma’s extra-sweet lemonade.

As adults, we learn that one of the ways to get that perfect glass is by using quality water. Not only does good water ensure that you get the taste that you want, but it also ensures that there are no extra ingredients in your family’s lemonade that you don’t want.

With the goal of a perfect and safe glass of lemonade in mind, today we’ll discuss the benefits that come from using water filters and some different types of filtration systems that might be right for you.

Avoiding Hard Water

hardwaterHard water is water that has high mineral content. It forms as a result of water percolating through deposits of chalk and limestone, and it contains calcium, magnesium and, sometimes, iron.

While there are ongoing debates about what health problems may or may not come from hard water, there is no debate around the fact that hard water causes a number of problems in your home, including mineral buildup in faucets and low performance of soap and detergents.

You can soften the water in your home by installing a water softener to remove minerals from the water before it enters your home. Water softeners are often used with other whole house filtration systems and are an effective way to soften your water and avoid the headaches that come from hard water.

Installing a Whole House Water Filter

wholehousewaterfilterYour home’s water supply often has a number of contaminants that can affect its taste, smell and safety. Some of these contaminants have links to long-term health problems and can pose a significant health risk for you and your family.

If you’re concerned about the quality of water in your home, a whole house water filter is a good way to provide your home with safe and clean water. In these filtration systems, a filter is installed to your water line to remove all contaminants from your water before it enters your home.

Since all of the water in your home passes through this filter, you can be confident that any water your family uses - whether in the shower, the washing machine, the dishwasher or the sink - is free of contaminants.

The Benefits UV Water Filters

uvwaterfiltersAnother type of whole-house water filtering that is increasingly popular is UV water filtration. These types of systems use ultra-violet rays to destroy bacteria in your water.

UV water filters effectively destroy harmful microorganisms in water without adding any chemicals. Because they only destroy bacteria and don’t remove any chemicals, these systems are often used in conjunction with other filtration systems and are especially effective for smaller homes.

If you have any concerns about the quality of water in your home or if you’d like to learn more about water filters, call Marc Francis Plumbing today.