Gas Leak Detection Services in Johnson City, TN

Are you worried you have a gas leak in your home? Marc Francis Plumbing is here to help with gas leak detection services for the Tri-City area!

Leaks of any kind in your home can be frustrating and hard to detect. However, unlike water leaks, the consequences of a gas leak are far more dangerous and definitely more urgent. If left undetected, a gas leak can cause extensive damage to your home and the health of you and your loved ones. That’s why it’s important to be knowledgeable of all the most common signs of a gas leak and who to call when you need help. For homeowners in and around the Johnson City, TN, area, Marc Francis Plumbing is here to help. We offer accurate and timely gas leak detection services, and can get your home and family protected in no time!

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Common Signs of a Gas Leak

The best way to protect your family and your home against the hazards of gas leaks is to know what to look for. Some of the more easily detectable symptoms of a gas leak include:

  • Rotten Egg Smell - Because natural gas is odorless, technicians add mercaptan to the gas so it will be easy to detect if a leak is present. If you randomly begin smelling a rotten egg or sulfur smell, you are most likely experiencing a gas leak and need to vacate the premises immediately.
  • Abnormally High Gas Bills - Just like with any leak in your home, when you’re experiencing a gas leak, a spike in your gas might come up. If you notice this, it’s important to schedule a gas leak detection right away.
  • Physical Symptoms - Pay attention to what your body is telling you at all times. In the case of a gas leak, you may randomly begin experiencing dizziness, nausea, lightheadedness, or in some cases flu-like symptoms. If this happens, it’s important to leave the house immediately.
  • Yellow/Orange Flames - When utilizing gas-powered appliances, the flames should always be blue. If you notice yellow or orange flames, turn the appliance off immediately and call a trained expert.
  • Dying Plants - If you’re a homeowner, it’s important to get educated about where gas lines run in your home. If you begin to notice a decay of houseplants that are located in these areas, you may be experiencing a gas leak.

At the first sign of trouble, you should immediately call for help. Gas leaks can pose serious risks for your home and health, which is why getting fast and professional care is so essential. We provide detailed and accurate gas leak detection services, helping to diagnose your issues as quickly as possible.

Common Causes for Gas Leaks

The best way to protect your home from experiencing gas leaks is to know what causes them in the first place. There are a few different causes for gas leaks in your home. They may include:

  • Faulty Piping - Gas enters your home through the pipes located beneath your house to act as a power source for your appliances. Over time, these pipes can become worn down resulting in the loss of seals or the onset of cracks.
  • Bad Ventilation - Carbon monoxide can leak into your home and cause a wide array of troubles. Especially if your exhaust fans aren’t properly operating. If there’s nowhere for the gas to go, it can leak into your home and become a serious health hazard to you and your loved ones. It’s always important to have carbon monoxide detectors throughout your home.
  • Gas Powered Appliances - Some of the most common household appliances such as ovens, dryers, water heaters, and fireplaces can be run on gas. In some instances, the seals that connect the appliances to the power source can become damaged and result in a gas leak.

Anytime you’re dealing with a gas leak it’s considered an emergency. Our staff is available for 24-hour emergency services, getting you the help you need, day or night.

Our Leak Detection Services

Gas leaks are never to be taken lightly so if any of these signs sound familiar, it would be advised to proceed with caution. Here at Marc Francis Plumbing, we provide quality gas leak detection services to the greater Johnson City, TN, area!

As homeowners, we understand how essential family safety is to you. When you need us, we’ll arrive quickly, find your leak accurately, and provide you with long-lasting gas line repair solutions you can count on!

Afraid your home is experiencing a gas leak? Give us a call today at (423) 915-9260 to find out how you can benefit from our gas pipe leak detection services in Johnson City, Tennessee!