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Signs of Frozen Pipes to Be Aware Of

Frozen pipes

Keep an Eye Out for These Signs Over the Winter

A cold winter is best enjoyed inside the home with the heater cranked up or the fire roaring. Unfortunately, as winter rages outside, it can wreak havoc on important systems in a home, such as the plumbing. While most plumbing is designed to make it impervious to the weather, problems happen every year due to cold temperatures. One of the main problems is burst pipes resulting from frozen pipes. Read on to learn how local plumbers recommend staying protected. 

faucetLow or No Water Flow

The plumbing in a home is carefully designed to provide adequate water flow to every appliance and fixture that it serves. Occasionally, when there is high demand, homeowners may notice a slight drop in water pressure but nothing major. But if the problem continues or is more severe than usual, a larger problem may be about to occur. One of the earliest signs that a pipe is beginning to freeze is a drastic drop in water pressure. 

A pipe will always freeze from the outside inward. This causes a reduction in the total diameter of the pipe that can greatly reduce flow. Once the pipe is frozen completely, there will be no flow present. Check other faucets to see if they are also experiencing a pressure drop. This information can help a plumber locate the problem before it gets worse. 

Frost on External or Exposed Pipespipe

For the most part, piping shouldn’t be exposed around the home. In rare cases, the piping may be exposed outdoors, but other than that, the only piping a homeowner should be able to see are the stub-outs coming from underneath sinks or near appliances. During the winter, one should take care to make sure that frost doesn’t form in these places. 

Frost is frozen water vapor that has condensed on a freezing surface. If frost is forming on a pipe, that means the water within the pipe has frozen, and a burst pipe may be imminent. Take care to insulate exterior pipes and hose bibs during the winter. Additionally, keeping cabinets open to allow warm air from the home to circulate stub-outs could prevent a burst pipe.  

Bad Odors in the Home

A burst freshwater pipe can be bad enough. Not only will there be a lack of water service while the repairs are made, but a burst pipe can also cause flooding. While that can be bad, a worse proposition is a frozen sewer line. Sewer lines are typically buried beneath the frost line to not succumb to the winter cold. However, during a cold snap, a sewer may freeze. 

When this happens, the first sign will be bad odors in the home. This is caused by sewer gas being forced back into a home. The line may be totally blocked in severe cases, leading to a massive sewer clog. Professionals will need to be called immediately to keep water service online. 

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