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Save On the Water Bill This Summer With These 3 Easy Tips!

Easy Ways To Spend Less On Water During the Summer

As summer rolls in and the days get hotter, Tennessee homeowners get ready to face the dreaded annual increase in utility costs from around-the-clock AC use and greater watering needs for the yard. And although the higher costs may seem unavoidable (without sacrificing comfort or letting the yard turn into a dry wasteland), homeowners shouldn’t give up hope just yet. 

By reducing water usage in key areas, homeowners can dramatically lower their utility bills and offset the summertime spike. This article will cover a few ways to save water for summer and all year!

Upgrade To Water-Saving Devicesshower

The first tip for lowering the water bill is to upgrade a few of the home’s plumbing fixtures to new water-saving devices. Many older fixtures like showerheads and toilets have extremely high flow rates that needlessly send thousands of gallons of water down the drain yearly. Regulatory standards have been established to help solve this problem, but even today’s standard plumbing fixtures aren’t nearly as efficient as those bearing the EPA’s WaterSense label.

Toilets account for nearly a third of an average home’s water usage, so this is a perfect place to start. Simply by installing water-saving toilets, the average household can save anywhere from 20-60 percent on water used for toilets, cutting upwards of $140 off the water bill each year, according to the EPA. 

Installing water-saving showerheads can have a similar impact on water usage, but it can also result in significant energy savings. The more water a showerhead uses, the more water will need to be heated by the water heater - and the same goes for faucets. So with a few key plumbing upgrades, homeowners can save thousands of gallons of water each year and also cut down on their energy consumption simultaneously.

Be Strategic About the Irrigation and Lawn-Watering Schedule

lawnNext up on this water-saving checklist is to water the yard only at the appropriate times. In the summertime, any water sitting on the surface of the lawn or garden will largely be lost to evaporation, which means homeowners will have to use more water to keep their yards lush and healthy.

Watering the lawn and other vegetation in the early morning (before dawn, if possible) is ideal, as it will allow the water time to soak in and be absorbed. Ultimately, this means that homeowners can use less water and still have a beautiful green yard for the kids and pets to play in.

It’s also good to let nature do the watering whenever possible. Since Tennessee has somewhat rainy summers, homeowners may be able to turn off their irrigation systems and take advantage of the free water - the trick is remembering to turn the system back on after the storms have passed!

Build Water-Saving Habits

The last tip for reducing water usage is the most important, cultivating water-saving habits. A few easy ways to reduce water consumption are turning off the faucet while shaving or brushing teeth, thawing food overnight in the refrigerator instead of under running water, running the dishwasher or doing laundry only with a full load, taking shorter showers, and cleaning driveways and steps with a broom rather than a hose. 

Another vital habit for water conservation is to keep an eye out for plumbing leaks. Whether it’s a dripping faucet, a toilet that runs all the time, or an underground pipe leak, household leaks can waste thousands of gallons of water every year, so it’s imperative to catch them and fix them as soon as possible. Scheduling annual or bi-annual plumbing inspections with a reputable plumber is a great way to catch hidden leaks early on.

By using these tips and tricks, homeowners can do their part to reduce their overall carbon footprint - and save some extra money for their next summer vacation!

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