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How to Detect Hidden Water Leaks

Three Signs You May Have a Broken Water Line

Many things can go wrong with a home as it ages, and not all mishaps have noticeable telltale signs that something is wrong. Homeowners may not even know that something is broken or leaking in their home until it’s too late, thus costing thousands of dollars more than it should have. 

Learning the early detection signs of water line leaks can help owners catch one of the most dreaded home issues before it worsens and empties their wallets.

Running Water Sounds and Damp Walls


Hearing dripping or streaming water can be cause for alarm. A quick check of the home's water fixtures is usually the first go-to, but listening closely to the home’s walls may be a better option. When water lines leak, they are generally dripping or gushing from a portion of the line with a worn-out bolt or washer.

In other cases, a cracked pipe will spray water between the drywall walls, sounding as if someone has left a sink running. More often than not, once a water line breaks or begins to leak in the home, the walls surrounding the line will become compromised. A dead giveaway for a water leak is the sound of running water and a moist, damp, or discolored portion of a wall or ceiling.   

Pooling Water Not From Rain


The signs are more discrete and overlooked when a water line breaks outside. Most homeowners can tell if something is amiss underground when they spot pooling water on the lawn or when their grass is growing a little more quickly than normal. Homeowners explain away these signs as high rainfall over a short time or sprinklers oversaturating the ground. 

However, this water leak can cost the most and is the most difficult to deal with as professionals will need to dig up the line to repair it. Therefore, at the first sign of pooling water, it is best to lean on the side of caution and call quickly so as not to spend more later on. 


Lower Water Pressure and Higher Water Bills

Finally, suppose homeowners cannot hear running water or see growing puddles in their backyard. Lower water pressure and spikes in water bills can be a dead giveaway that something along your water pipe is not working correctly. Owners use water fixtures like sinks, toilets, and showers every day and are bound to notice when they turn the sink on to wash dishes if the water pressure has changed. This pressure drop could be due to a simple clog, but if left untreated, a decrease in water pressure could cause a burst pipe somewhere else. 

Higher water bills can indicate your water lines aren’t working correctly. This change is due to the pressure and amount of water released once a line becomes worn out or breaks. This displaced pressure sends water towards unwanted areas and can’t shut off. So, when you turn off the water to the sink, the burst pipe will stay flowing, sending your water into the walls and more of your money to unwanted bills. 

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