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How Do Professional Plumbers Unclog a Drain?

Clearing Clogged Drains 

Clogged drains can be a frustrating problem for homeowners. Water stagnant in the sink, tub, or other plumbing fixture can cause foul smells and bacteria, rendering the fixture temporarily unusable. The worst part is that a clogged drain can affect the overall plumbing system and even lead to a burst pipe. 

Homeowners should avoid using liquid drain cleaners to unclog a drain because they contain highly toxic chemicals. When the products fail to clear the clog, the fumes are left with nowhere to go but up. Homeowners can try to use a combination of vinegar and baking soda or hot water to clear the clog. If DIY drain clearing fails, it is time to call a plumber for professional drain cleaning before the problem worsens. This blog discusses the tools plumbers use to unclog drains. 

Use a Drain Snake

snakeSnaking a drain is typically one of the first things a professional plumber will try to resolve the clog. Drain snakes also called drain augers, are plumbing tools inserted into a drain to pull out the source of the clog. For example, if a shower drain is clogged with hair, a drain snake is inserted into the drain and pulls out the hair. 

There are also heavy-duty, motorized drain snakes that can be used to remove tough clogs from pipes. Heavy duty ones are machine powered, whereas the small drain snakes used to fix simple clogs are usually hand-cranked. If used incorrectly, drain snakes can damage the plumbing, so it’s best to leave it to the professionals. 

Hydrojetting Clears Clogged Pipes

Professional plumbers use hydrojetting to remove hard-to-clear clogs. They can even be used to clear away tough clogs from tree roots growing into the lines underground. Tree roots will crawl into the plumbing through any cracks they can find in search of water. Tree roots in the plumbing can also cause pipe leaks and reduce water pressure. 

So how does hydrojetting work? The first step is for the plumber to find the source of the clog. Then they can insert the hydrojetting machine into the drain or pipe opening to blast water through it at high speeds in multiple directions. Hydrojetting can only be done by a qualified professional because it can damage the plumbing if done incorrectly. The high rate and pressure of the water break apart any blockages or build-up in the pipes to instantly clear away clogs. Hydrojetting can also be used to help prevent clogs.

Professional Video Inspection Equipment

videoOne of the most difficult parts of fixing a clogged drain is figuring out where the clog is located and what is causing it. Most minor clogs can be fixed by using a plunger or drain snake. However, tough clogs that are deeper in the underground plumbing system or caused by tree roots can be much harder to locate. 

Inserting a waterproof camera into the pipes is one way professional plumbers quickly find the source of a clog with minimal disruption. The video inspection equipment also has a screen so that plumbers can see where the clog is and what it’s made of to better determine the most effective solution. 

Leaving a clogged pipe in a state of disrepair can wreak havoc on the home plumbing system. Homeowners should try to have plumbing problems diagnosed and fixed by a professional as soon as possible to prevent them from becoming bigger problems. 

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