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Don't Let Burst Pipes Ruin Your Winter, Be Aware of The Signs!

Pipe leak

Burst Pipes Can Be a Holiday Nightmare

On the coldest night of the year, imagine your pipes bursting. How horrific of an experience would that be? Unfortunately for many people, that nightmare can become a reality. However, have no fear!

There are many signs that your pipes can be giving you indicating that help is needed...fast. It is extremely important to fix a frozen pipe as soon as you realize there is a problem that can turn into fully broken pipes.

The longer you wait to have it taken care of, the bigger the problem you are going to have on your hands. Let’s look at three tell-tale signs that your pipes are warning you of danger.

Water Stream Seems Off

uneven water streamOne of the first signs that you may have a frozen pipe is when you turn on your faucet or shower. If the normal powerful stream of water doesn’t come flowing out, something inside of the pipe is blocking your normal flow.

The frozen pipe may have formed ice inside of your piping system, which is either blocking water from flowing out or allowing only little drips and drabs to leak out. When this happens, go around to each area of your house that has a faucet and gently try to turn the water on, it is a very simple way to thaw out frozen pipes.

You will want to know if this is affecting the entire household or just some parts of the house. Once you have indicated the affected areas, consider calling a plumber right away to prevent further damage from happening.

Frosty the Snow Pipe

Unlike Frosty the Snowman who nobody wanted to see melt, the same cannot be said about frost on pipes. Many times when pipes are exposed in places like the basement, garage, attic, under the kitchen and bathroom sink, it is easy to catch some problems. These are the places you want to do a visual inspection quite frequently to see if frost is forming on the pipes.

frost on pipe

Days and nights when you know it is going to be particularly cold, constantly check for these frozen pipe signs. An easy fix is to insulate these pipes to help put a jacket on them during those cold winter nights. Frost on the pipes is telling you your pipes are close to frozen or are already there.

Cold, Cold Water

cold waterAfter a cold day of hitting the slopes, you look forward to the hot shower that awaits you when you return home. However, that hot water you have been craving stays bitterly cold. What in the world is going on?

Consistent cold water is a clear indicator that something is going on with your pipes. They could be on the verge of becoming completely frozen or there are icicles that formed inside of the pipes.

If that is the case, the water is mixing with those cold icicles, thus keeping your flow of water cold when you desperately seek heat. And believe it or not, cold water has its own cons that many people do not take into consideration. 

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