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Burst Pipes: Common Causes and Prevention

How to Help Prevent Pipes From Bursting by Preventing Common Causes of Burst Pipes

The consequences of a burst pipe can be devastating. Some of the most common effects of a pipe burst are water damage to a home and belongings, mold growth, electrical problems, structural damage, and high repair costs to fix the issue and the damage. If someone thinks they have a burst pipe, it is essential to call a plumber immediately. Do not try to fix the problem independently, as this could make the situation worse. This post will share some common causes of burst pipes and tips to help avoid them.

Clogged Line

clogOne of the most common causes of a burst pipe is a clog in the system. When an object or an accumulation of debris gets lodged in the lines and cannot be moved, it narrows the pathway for water and sewage to flow through, creating undue pressure on the pipes that may cause them to burst. In order to prevent this from happening, homeowners must be careful not to let anything go down their drains or toilets that shouldn’t. This includes certain foods, grease, hair, non-flushable products, wipes, and the like, as these may cause clogs within the pipes.

Another way to prevent a clogged pipe from becoming a burst pipe is to schedule routine drain cleaning by a plumber. Hydro jet drain cleaning prevents build-up in the lines that could lead to clogs. Additionally, installing a whole-home water softener can help prevent clogs from mineral scale and burst pipes in the water line piping.

Frozen Pipes

Another common cause of burst pipes is freezing. Sudden temperature drops can lead to pipes freezing, and any water left inside the line will expand as it freezes. This expansion and the pressure it puts on pipes is the reason why it can cause pipes to burst.

The best way to prevent frozen pipes is pipe insulation, a material wrapped around exposed pipes and pipes in unheated areas, which can help prevent them from freezing and bursting. Additionally, disconnecting the garden hose and maintaining a consistent home temperature when it’s cold out can help prevent pipes from freezing. 

Corroded Pipes

corrosionAnother possible cause of a burst pipe is good old-fashioned decay and corrosion. Over time, metal pipes can succumb to the wear and tear of daily use and end up decaying and corroding. While this often cannot be prevented entirely, homeowners can delay the process by conducting routine maintenance and being careful with what they send down the pipes. 

Experts recommend avoiding store-bought chemical drain cleaners that are meant to unclog pipes. While they may work to address the problem of a clog, they might inadvertently create another problem in the form of corrosion, which can eventually lead to a burst pipe. Installing a whole-house water softener can also help prevent pipe corrosion. 

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