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Are Liquid Plumbing Fumes Actually Dangerous For Your Health?

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Did You Know Liquid Plumbing Fumes Are Bad For You?

Often when something is going wrong with the plumbing, homeowners’ first instinct is to run to the store to pick up a bottle of liquid-plumber, but is this a good idea? Liquid plumber, Drano, and other liquid plumbing solutions utilize very strong chemicals, strong enough to clear out a heavy drain blockage. Imagine what liquid plumber does to your drain, and now imagine what it might do to your body if ingested. Yikes!

To prevent skin irritation, respiratory failure due to inhalation, blindness due to eye exposure, and even drain cleaner poisoning the best route to go is to avoid liquid plumber altogether. Most of the time these DIY liquid plumbing solutions are not effective enough to be worth the potential health risks of exposure to liquid plumbing fumes. There are safer solutions to plumbing issues.

Main Ingredient...Toxic Chemicals?

toxic chemicalsLiquid plumber, Drano, and other drain cleaners are made of a cocktail of toxic chemicals. These chemicals are very dangerous to human health. Among the dangerous chemicals found in liquid drain cleaners are lye or sodium hydroxide, which is mixed with bleach for a very caustic end result.

Even the tiniest amount can cause horribly painful stomach cramps, and too much can cause shock and even coma. The most common way these fumes enter the body is when they are being poured down the drain and the person pouring it is leaning over to see what they are doing, directly in line with the flow of fumes rising up from the drain.

These fumes can cause instant irritation, fits of coughing, asthma attacks, and more. Even if the results aren’t right away, long-term exposure to these kinds of dangerous chemicals can have detrimental health effects. Opting for professional drain cleaning services is always the best option to get a job well done while avoiding hidden health risks. 

Avoiding Skin Irritation

Having the skin on your face exposed to dangerous chemicals from liquid drain cleaners could disfigure you for life. You could burn right through your skin with some of the powerful caustic and corroding drain cleaners out there.

skin irritation

Even when proper safety measures are taken, there is no guarantee that an accident won’t occur that exposes you or your family’s delicate skin to the dangerous chemicals involved with Drano and liquid plumber. If your skin does become exposed to the chemicals in liquid drain cleaner, the irritation can cause chronic pain and inflammation that requires immediate medical attention.

Fumes Are Dangerous For Eyes

dangerous for eyesThe acidic and corrosive properties of liquid drain cleaner are powerful enough to clean out heavy drain blockages so can you even imagine the damage it could cause the fragile surface of an eye? In serious cases, liquid drain cleaner fumes or splashes can cause temporary or permanent damage.

Even with minor exposure, the eyes can become irritated and the irritation can last for hours, even days. The best way to prevent eye irritation and damage from liquid drain cleaner is to avoid it altogether.

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