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3 Common Plumbing Mistakes Homeowners Should Avoid

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New Year, New Maintenance Tips to Prevent Costly Plumbing Repairs

It is no secret that the housing market has been on fire, and new homeowners are moving into houses they are not familiar with at unprecedented rates. Previous owners might have put off preventive maintenance for years, or inexperienced hands may have done repairs. Don’t take a chance with a huge investment like a new home by falling into the trap most DIYers do that causes unnecessary headaches by making the following mistakes.

Mistake #1: Using Liquid Drain Cleanerdrain

Most household liquid drain cleaners contain the following ingredients: aluminum, sodium chloride (salt), sodium hydroxide (lye), sodium nitrate, and sodium hypochlorite (bleach). This combination of chemicals is meant to cause a violent reaction creating bubbles and heat inside the pipes, which melts fat and proteins to clear the pipe. 

One can easily damage PVC pipes found in most newer homes because they are plastic, and liquid drain cleaner is corrosive. Older homes have older plumbing that may be vulnerable already without adding chemicals that could compromise plumbing. Drain cleaning and drain maintenance should be left to licensed professionals to avoid long-term problems.  

plumber Mistake #2: Not Prioritizing Water Heater Maintenance

Improper water heater maintenance could lead to costly repairs down the road such as pipe bursts, freezes, or the need for a new water heater due to rust. Showers could become freezing cold halfway through because of a lack of pipe insulation or built-up sediment in the tank. Rust could discolor laundry water or clog drain valves. 

By insulating pipes that hot water runs through, homeowners can prevent freezing and encourage water availability for longer showers and more loads of laundry. Draining the sediment and debris from the inside of the water heater every six months extends the life of the unit while preventing rust issues. 

Improperly draining water heaters could lead to higher than normal water bills or cause a rocketing water heater to fly through the upper floors of the house after causing too much pressure build-up. An unmaintained water heater could be physically dangerous to home occupants. 

Mistake #3: DIY Repairs and Plumbing Installation

Improper repairs or DIY installations by inexperienced homeowners could lead to extensive water damage within a home. Walls, ceilings, floors, electrical, and personal possessions could all be destroyed and the structural integrity of the building could be impacted if the plumbing is allowed to fail for too long. 

Not turning off the main water supply to the house before attempting repairs or failing to flush out pipes before starting maintenance could allow too much water to flow through a section of pipe that has been compromised and could force too much pressure through the pipes. A professional pipe repair technician knows how much pressure a pipe can handle and how to properly repair it so as not to cause damage to the pipes or the home. 

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