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Essential Cleaning For Your Home's Sewer During This Season

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Preventing Sewer Nightmares This Fall

With summer ending, fall is up-and-up, bringing the gorgeous red, yellow, and orange leaves on trees in your yard and neighborhood. Although they look so lovely on Instagram and stock photos of children jumping into piles of leaves, these leaves can cause a sewage nightmare for your home if not managed properly.

A local Tennessee plumber shares information on cleaning fall leaves so that you can enjoy the scenery while avoiding a sewage calamity.

The Importance of Sewer Systems

sewer systemSewage systems are a modern miracle that allows individuals to have water and solid waste transported from homes to sewage treatment plants. Gone are the days of dumping chamber pots and dishwater outside, and for most people, gone are the days of letting waste pile up in an outhouse.

Sewer systems allow the use of water, whether for washers, dishwashers, showers, or toilets and to have it conveniently transported outside of your homes.

Fixtures and appliances are connected by a home’s pipes, and a home's pipes drain waste into the main drain line, which then connects to the city’s sewer lines, which is where all the waste from other homes go, and all the accumulated waste is taken to the city’s waste treatment facility for safe and sanitary processing and disposal.

Is The Clog in The Main Line or is it Normal?

All homes will experience clogs from time to time, but there’s a huge difference between a run-of-the-mill clog and a clog in the main drain line. A regular clog will likely be isolated to a particular area of your home, such as one toilet that’s clogging or a sink drain that clogs. Typically, plunging this problem spot or having it fixed by a professional resolves this situation effectively.

main drain line

When the main drain line is clogged, it typically impacts your entire home. All the drains in the home might drain slowly, or you’ll notice weird things all over the house, such as water usage in one area affecting another area. For example, flushing the toilet might cause water to come up in your shower drain. There may be a foul smell from the drains, or even sewage backing up! When you see such drastic problems throughout the home, often it means you have the misfortune of a clog in the main drain line, and such a clog can cause a lot of headaches.

Disgusting Sewage Woes

sewageA clog in the mainline can at times be caused by things out of your control, such as tree roots, but when it comes to the fall season, there are things you can do that can help prevent clogs.

During the fall, all the pretty leaves discussed earlier can pile up all over your yard. Raking the leaves is actually one of the vital autumn chores to prevent them from getting into your home’s sewer system.

Your home has outdoor drains for rainwater and excess water to enter into your main sewer line, and below these outdoor drains are sumps. Leaves, twigs, and dirt can often get into these sumps and can build up.

Since the sump is directly under the drain, it can be cleaned out with a small shovel or your gloved hands to pull out the buildup. You can then rinse it out with a hose to see if the water now moves freely. To prevent this, it’s possible to add a finer grate under your regular grate--not so fine that water can’t get through, but fine enough to strain out more leaves and gravel than before.

It’s also important to check the sewer vents on the roof--these also can become filled with leaves and debris and can compound the issues in your mainline. Hopefully, the above information has convinced you of the importance of ensuring fall leaves do not get into your plumbing system, and of cleaning any clogs that occur in your main sewage line.

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