Bathroom Remodeling Services in Johnson City, TN

Upgrade your home and make your dream bathroom a reality with expert bathroom remodeling services from Marc Francis Plumbing!

Your bathroom is one of the places that can take the most abuse in your home. That’s why it’s a good idea to show your bathroom some love with a quality bathroom remodel project. At Marc Francis Plumbing, we want to help you keep your bathroom looking its best. Whether it’s by doing a complete renovation, shower repair, or making simple changes like a new bathroom sink or shower valve replacement, with the right plumbing services, a little can go a long way. With over 35 years of experience in and around the Johnson City, TN, area, you can trust our expert service and reliable advice.

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Simple Ways to Remodel Your Bathroom

Want to give your bathroom a fresh new look without a complete remodel? There are some easy ways that you can do it.

  • Add new lighting fixtures
  • Change out your sink and shower fixtures
  • Upgrade your toilet to save money and go green
  • Accessorize with live plants or a new shower curtain

While most homeowners are used to large-scale bathroom remodeling, even simple adjustments can make a big difference. One of the first things you see when entering your bathroom is the tub and vanity. If your sink is old, stained, or leaking, that first view can be an eyesore. At Marc Francis Plumbing we can help! With our bathroom sink installations, we can add functionality and style to your bathroom without breaking the bank.

Common Signs Your Shower Needs Repairs

For most homeowners in the Tri-Cities, you depend on your shower daily as part of your morning routine. While it offers plenty of comfort, your shower can also create a lot of problems as well. Some of these bathroom plumbing issues include:

  • Your Shower Head is Dripping – If your shower head has a leak, it’s a good chance you need to replace it. Sometimes it’s not the shower head’s fault. It might be the valves of the water supply or your washer ring that is worn out.
  • Not Enough Water Pressure – This is a very common problem. This often happens because of hard water and mineral deposits. You will notice a slow flow of water and a weak spray. A good way to fix this is by getting a water softener.
  • Slow Draining – A common reason that your shower is draining slowly is because of a clog. Usually, this is due to soap, dirt, hair, or other items that end up in the drain. Over time, the clog can worsen to the point that there’s no water flow at all.

Our plumbers offer reliable shower repair services to get your system back in working order. Whether it’s a simple fix like a shower head replacement or the issue stems from a cracked or leaking shower pan, you can count on our staff to find a solution. Even in the worst case, you can count on our staff to help you with an all-new shower installation, which can add style and value to your home.

Keep your bathroom plumbing issues at bay with professional drain cleaning services.

Why Choose a Professional Service?

As a homeowner, there are many things you may think you can do yourself, especially remodeling projects. However, in many cases, a professional bathroom remodeling company is always your best bet. When you work with Marc Francis Plumbing, you can expect:

  • Experience – Our professional staff have the experience that’s needed to get the job done right. We’ve seen and solved many common bathroom plumbing issues and can keep yours in the best shape possible.
  • Tools – Our professionals always have the right tools for the job. Many parts of a bathroom remodel can get technical, and with the right tools, the job is always completed to the highest standard.
  • Accountability – We back all our work with our 100% customer satisfaction guarantee. We always stand behind our work and will help you if an issue crops up in the future.

If you’re looking for a bathroom remodel company, give Marc Francis Plumbing a call. Licensed Contractor Marc Francis has over 35 years of experience, and he and his team proudly service the Tri-Cities. Best of all, we always work with you to make your dream bathroom a reality, without breaking the bank.

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