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Why Give Thanks for Working Garbage Disposals This Season

Garbage disposal

How a Working Garbage Disposal Can Help Your Kitchen on Thanksgiving

A working garbage disposal is a wonderful thing. It’s one of those appliances that is a workhorse in the modern home. Along with things like dishwashers, garbage disposals are amazing inventions that can benefit food prep and make things easier on homeowners or anyone cooking in the kitchen. They make it so that drain clogs in the kitchen plumbing are less likely and that homeowners no longer need to worry about what does and doesn’t go down the drain, aside from a few key items that can’t go in the disposal. Find out what disposals are good for this Thanksgiving

Keeping Drains from Cloggingdrain

When using a disposal, people don’t have to make sure that food items get transferred to the trash. Most food items can go into the disposal, which makes cooking easier. This works to prevent clogs by shredding large food items into tiny particles that one can easily wash down the drain. 

Disposals break down food not with blades as many people think, but with the use of impellers, discs, and a shredder ring. The shredder ring sits around the outside of the disposal, and the impeller and discs fling food items at the shredder ring. The force they use does most of the work, slamming the food into the shredder ring. Then one can wash these smaller items down the drain with cold water. 

Be Grateful: Maintain the Disposal

Disposal maintenance is essential for enjoying a working disposal for a long time to come. Luckily, most maintenance is pretty easy. Every month, homeowners are advised to put crushed ice and some rock salt into the disposal and run it with cold water. As the disposal disperses the ice and the salt, the abrasive materials clean out any debris that has been stuck in the disposal’s components. This helps keep the appliance running smoothly. 

Prevention is also key to proper disposal use. This means keeping an eye out for certain items that shouldn’t go down the drain. These items include grease, fat, coffee grounds, and tough, fibrous foods. These items can end up either clogging the drain or impeding the proper function of the internal components. 

Look For Signs of a Broken Disposaldisposal

Knowing how to care for a garbage disposal is also about knowing when problems arise. There are common signs that indicate the need for garbage disposal services. The most common sign is any kind of strange noise that comes from the disposal. Often, this will be a piece of silverware or some other item that shouldn’t be down there. But if there’s nothing in the disposal and it’s still making noise, it’s time to call for disposal repair. It’s also important to keep a lookout for leaks under the sink, as this can be a bad sign. 

Homeowners who think they need garbage disposal repair or simply want to ask about garbage disposal installation should call their local expert plumbing company to solve their problems. 

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