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Treat Your Loved One To a Spa Day at Home

How To Turn the Home into a Luxurious Spa 

After mom has her breakfast in bed, you might ask yourself: “What now?” Instead of driving across town to that overpriced spa, one can transform their family bathroom into a luxurious getaway. But how? 

By changing out the showerheads, installing a bathtub, and sticking up some LED lights, one can take their mom to paradise – all without walking out the front door. Interested parties looking to make Mother’s Day, and every day, special for their mom, should continue reading to learn more. 

Toss Out That Old Showerhead shower

Many homeowners don’t know that they should change their showerheads around once every six months, especially if they live in an area with hard water. No one wants to bathe in germs, and over time, these fixtures can accumulate hair, dust, grime, and more. 

Now, when it comes to replacing that showerhead and giving mom the shower of her life, one should consider a model that: 

  • Comes with LED lights: Your mom can take singing in the shower to a whole new level with a showerhead light show. 
  • Features Bluetooth: Many showerheads can connect with smart devices and play music. Depending on the model, one can control the volume on their phone or the showerhead itself. 
  • Offer water filtration: One can rest assured that their mother is taking the most refreshing shower possible by opting for a showerhead with a built-in filtration system. This could also increase a showerhead’s lifespan beyond the general six-month period. 

One should also look for a showerhead with an EnergyStar rating. Per the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), an EnergyStar showerhead releases only 2.0 gallons of water a minute instead of standard models that release 2.7 gallons a minute. 


Transform That Bathroom in a Home Spa with a New Tub 

Nothing feels better than submerging oneself in a warm bubble bath. However, someone shouldn’t have to rent a hotel room to enjoy one. Instead, they can install a bathtub in their own home, giving Mom what she deserves, something she can enjoy every day. 

A warm bath can elevate one’s mood, soothe muscle pain, and soothe irritated skin. Also, sitting in a warm bath can burn up to 150 calories an hour. One can further transform the bathroom into a luxurious getaway by: 

  • Using bath beads 
  • Placing bath beads around the bathtub’s rim 
  • Dying the bathwater a different color 

Decorate with a Zen Aesthetic 

Installing a new showerhead and bathtub are just two ways one can take their bathroom to the next level this Mother’s Day. They should also consider decor that encourages some R&R or rest. 

Some ways to accomplish this include: 

  • Declutter the bathroom: Takedown those old paintings and throw out that moldy bath mat. Going “zen” is all about minimalism. By decluttering the bathroom, one can declutter their mind. 
  • Hanging eucalyptus in the shower: Eucalyptus releases a soothing oil once steam in the shower builds up, which can clear up congestion and work as a relaxing agent. 
  • Putting pebbles in the bathroom sink: Putting stones in the bathroom is more than just a nice touch. It can reduce how often the sink clogs and backs up. Just make sure to use pebbles that aren’t small enough to fall down the drain. 

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