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Take Summer Drinks to the Next Level With Filtered Water!

Why Homeowners Should Get a Whole-House Water Filtration System 

Whole home water filtration systems remove impurities, minerals, chemicals, and other contaminants from the household’s water supply before it enters the pipes. In this post, homeowners can learn about the benefits of a whole-house water filter. This summer, take advantage of the improved quality of life and benefits of installing a whole home water filtration system. 

Better Tasting Drinks 

waterGetting a water filter produces more than just a clean glass of water each time; it also makes water and water-based drinks taste better. That means, with the installation of a whole-home filter, one could enjoy better tasting: 

  • Water
  • Lemonade 
  • Tea 
  • Coffee and espresso 

The Water Quality Association notes that impurities in the water can make it taste and even smell bad. However, with a water filtration system, the water will taste and smell better, making all the drinks and food made with tap water taste better also. 

Water That’s Safer for Drinking 

As noted, water filters help remove substances that are unsafe to drink. But how do these devices get the job done? Depending on the type of filtration system installed, they can use various filtration and purification methods to remove contaminants from the tap water, such as reverse osmosis, ultraviolet light, and carbon filtering, so it is free from harmful pollutants, chemicals, and bacteria. 

Water filtration systems remove contaminants to ensure the cleanest possible water reaches its destination. This gives homeowners peace of mind that they can rest assured knowing that their family is getting cleaner, safer drinking water every day to stay hydrated in the summer heat. 

Save Time and Money 

saveBottled water is expensive and takes up valuable space in refrigerators or pantries. A case of water may seem relatively inexpensive at first, but with how much water people drink daily, the cost adds up fast. Plus, buying many cases of plastic bottled water causes more waste that can end up in landfills. 

Installing a whole home water filter makes it easy to have clean, delicious drinking water on tap at all times - without ever having to worry about running out or wasting time making extra trips to the store for water. With a water filtration system, people can enjoy refreshing thirst-quenching water and drinks without breaking the bank - or damaging the planet. And that's something everyone can feel good about this summer!

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