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Don't Forget About Gas Leak Safety for National Wellness Month

Identifying Natural Gas Leaks

August is National Wellness Month, so it’s time to take a moment and reflect on everyone’s well-being. While most efforts during National Wellness Month go towards physical wellbeing, it is equally important to address issues in the home that can contribute to ill health. A natural gas leak is one of the major hazards around the house that can prevent wellness.

Natural gas leaks are dangerous in several ways, including fire risks and explosions. This August, reduce the chance of being negatively affected by a gas leak by taking advice from local gas leak repair plumbers. Here is a short guide to recognizing gas leaks and knowing how to respond before things get bad.

Indications of Gas Leaks

foul smellsNatural gas is a highly combustible and explosive gas used to power stoves, furnaces, and water heaters around the home. Ironically, the properties that make it useful also make it dangerous, so every homeowner must know the signs of gas leaks around the house. Some of the most common indications that gas leaks are present on the property are:

  • Foul smells akin to rotten eggs
  • Dead spots on the lawn
  • Higher gas bills
  • Lethargy and fatigue in pets and humans– often noticeable in pets' first
  • Headaches
  • Nausea

The risks of natural gas leaks aren’t just from fire and explosions. Natural gas can also displace oxygen leading to asphyxiation. Noticing these signs early on can prevent injury and death.

How to React to Gas Leaks

No gas leak is safe. Even tiny amounts of natural gas leaking from pipes can cause massive problems. Since gas leaks are so dangerous, it is important to know how to respond when one is present. First and foremost, make no attempts to repair the problem. Gas line repair is a job only for qualified professionals with specialized tools that prevent sparks. Secondly, vacate the home immediately.

As soon as leaks are noticed, efforts should be made to leave the area. Make sure not to do anything that might cause a spark that could ignite gas vapors. Specifically:

  • Don’t turn lights on or off since actuating a switch may cause a spark
  • If there is time, open a window or leave the door open for ventilation
  • Turn off gas service or call a plumber to do it immediately
  • Call the fire department if family members or pets are left inside

Emergency Gas Leak Repairs

gas detectorWhen gas leaks are discovered, homeowners need a plumber available immediately. Knowing who to call beforehand can greatly reduce the stress of a gas leak and allow the situation to be resolved quicker. When looking for a plumber for a home, homeowners should look for plumbers that advertise gas line services that are also available for emergency service.

Upon arrival, a plumber will verify gas service is shut off. They may need to wait for the fire department to finish ventilating the building, but after the home is safe, they can get straight to work making repairs. Many gas line problems can be repaired quickly, and gas detectors can be installed to prevent difficulty noticing signs of a gas leak in the future.

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